How can your prices be this affordable compared to other places?

    Because Ferocious Results operates independently out of Elite Fitness in Richland, we have minimal overhead costs. Because we care more about results than profits, we don't need to bleed our clients.

I want to do buddy training, but I don't know anyone to ask. What do I do?

    Tell us! We do genuinely believe in Buddy Training because of the potential for better results and want to service more buddy sessions. Let us know and we'll find your extra workout partner.

Some Months have more than 4 weeks. Do you charge more then?

Nope! Some places will try to bill every 4 weeks, or 13 times a year (13 months? That's not right!) to fix this. However, when Ferocious Results says per month, we mean it. Some months you'll just get an extra value.

How often should I train with you?

    There are a multitude of factors that would change that. Your goals, your previous experiences, your current level, your wants, and your life schedule all affect what's most appropriate for you. This is why everyone starts with a complimentary start-up session, so we can strategize and find what's best for you.

I'm not in shape to work with a trainer yet. What should I do?

    This is a common misconception and one that is perpetualized by those that believe Fitness needs to be extreme or elite. Trainers should meet you at your level and give you the expertise that will get you in shape faster than on your own. Think about learning anything else. Would you skip golf lessons because you don't know how to golf yet, or would you learn how to golf faster because of the golf lessons?

Will I get results?

    They will be FEROCIOUS!!!



All the training at Ferocious Results include Nutritional Guidance, Individualized Workout Plans, Scientifically Sound progression plans, Personal Accounting, and expert coaching. Many Places hide their prices because they're too high. But we stand by our core values (See: About Ferocious Results) and core values #3 and #7 demand honesty and clear communication. 

We offer training in two ways, individual sessions or monthly plans. The quality is the exact same, but the value of the monthly training can be higher with the bundled pricing. We offer two options for you out of convenience.

Individual Sessions:

Start-Up Session....... COMPLIMENTARY!

Better training happens by tailoring your program for your goals and needs. That's why every client starts with a complimentary Start-Up Session.

A LA Carte PRivate 1:1 Training....... $40/session

One client, One trainer, One workout, Many Benefits. Traditional Personal Training, but highly individualized to meet your goals. Comes with nutritional guidance, regular feedback, and progress assessment (can you believe some places have the gall to charge for those separately?!).

A La Carte Buddy Training........ $30/session/person (Max 3 people per session)

The Ideal. Train with a friend, coworker, or family member. Recent research and trends are finding that results are faster, funner, and more dramatic when training is done in a small group. Unlike most places that do generic group training, every individual's workout is custom made and tailored for their goals, wants, and needs. "Mary" and "John" aren't the same person and shouldn't have the same workout plan, but they can enjoy their individual workouts TOGETHER in a fun and supportive team environment . Don't have a workout partner? Let us know and we'll find you someone.

Monthly Plan options

Commit to your Results and save. Price discounts for monthly payments.

Essentials Training..... $250/month

Coaching Sessions up to twice a week, every week. Savings of $40-$150 a month (based on 8-10 sessions in a month).

Unlimited Training..... $350/Month (BEST VALUE for private training)

Unlimited coaching for the entire month. Savings of $130-$450 a month (versus 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks and 4 sessions a week for 5 weeks)

Essentials (Semi-Private)..... $200/month/Person

Work out with a buddy up to twice a week, every week. Savings of $40-100 a month (versus 8-10 sessions in a month)

Unlimited (Semi-Private)...... $300/Month/person(BEST VALUE ON THE MARKET)

Unlimited coaching sessions with a buddy for the entire month. Savings of $60-$300 a month (versus 3 sessions for 4 weeks and 4 sessions for 5 weeks)