Find out what people just like you discovered working with Steven Hicks.

“Steven fits my idea of a perfect trainer exactly; he is passionate, approaches training intelligently, and is always learning.” Brad Kelly, Fitness Author of numerous bodybuilding articles on T-Nation, Bodybuilding.com, EliteFTS, and is the author of the upcoming “Bodybuilding Crash Course” eBook series. “You would not have looked at my before picture and said, “wow she really needs to lose a lot of weight” but the reality was that I was 30 pounds overweight and my body fat was a shocking 44%! I wanted to lose some weight, but really at 46 I wanted to get in good shape and take care of my health. I hate cardio and already knew how to eat healthy, but needed some additional structure. In came Steven. Ferocious Results indeed. Not only did I lose the weight, dramatically reduce my body fat (10% in a year, still working on driving it down) and have to buy smaller jeans but I got something much more important….a reinvigorated commitment to being strong and healthy.  I love working out with Steven, and learned that weightlifting can be cardio too!  Steven is great at meeting you where you are at and crafting a meaningful program and set of goals tailored to you. He is the real deal and uses his education, certification and desire to keep learning the latest and greatest in the field to push you, and keep you injury free. He is committed, supportive and fun to be around. I would highly recommend him and continue to benefit from his expertise.” ---Madonna C “I was in my upper fifties staring at the red flags of obesity and high blood pressure, and an increasing number of other health issues. It becomes a matter of deciding not to live with pain and worry. There are so many rewards to being in shape, and if you have the motivation, I’m convinced that you’re going to have results by working with Steven. Steven has the passion for the science, the patience and dedication that achieve success, and the talent of making each session enjoyable and rewarding.” – Bruce H. “Steven Hicks was my trainer when I returned to the gym after being out with a serious neck injury. I also had knee and shoulder concerns, so
I wasn’t even sure how much training I could do. Steven proved himself knowledgeable, attentive, and creative, and he calmed my fears about working out. He put together an exercise program to meet my goals for strength and functional skill, and he explained how the beginning exercises would lead to the more advanced ones. When I experienced discomfort, as I did occasionally, he quickly adjusted the exercise so I could continue the training safely. I was impressed with his anatomical and physiological knowledge and the ability to translate that into appropriate exercises. I am emphasizing safety because that was paramount, but in fact, the training sessions really challenged me and improved my strength. Steven respected the reality of my joints but he didn’t baby me. My proudest moment was when I did a full pushup! (I can now do a set of 10!) All in all, Steven was a wonderful trainer for me. Not only did he improve my strength, but he gave me confidence in my ability to train safely. I went from being fearful to powerful.”
– Judy S.My greatest fear would be that I would do an exercise wrong and would hurt myself. I tried other exercising programs before actually going to a gym because I found gyms to be intimidating. Now I've realized that when I go to the gym that other people are so focused on their own workouts that they barely notice me. Also I've learned that by learning the basic lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press, and OHP) that I can use those lifts to build into other lifts. This gives me more confidence that as long as I follow good form (back straight, shoulders square, feet shoulder width apart, and lift with the targeted muscles) that I won't run into any problems. I have learned so much through you! Just by learning strange tips like "how to grip with my back" has improved my deadlift by 20 pounds overnight. You also taught me that there are such a wide range of exercises to do - it's hard to get bored! Furthermore, working out with you means that I can shore up my weaker points in weightlifting. I'd like to be a well rounded, lean athlete. And I feel I can get there with [Steven].
Here are how my numbers have changed; Bench: 65x10 to 185x6, Squat Machine: 135x8 to 405x5, Military Press: 30x10 to 80x8, and Deadlift:135x5 to 245x2. This is all in a time span of about four months. Of course, these are just strength gains, but there are also psychological changes. I feel better in every aspect - more confident about my body. I feel like I know the strengths and limitations of my body. I know more about how my body moves and functions.Also, being able to lift heavier weights has definitely helped decrease my tiredness throughout the day. Now I don't feel tired EVER unless I got a really bad night of sleep.”
– Paul A.