About Ferocious Results

Ferocious Results Core ValueS

1. Believe That You Can and Witness Yourself Succeed

2. Act with Focus and Passion

3. Perform Every Task Deliberately or it's Not Worth Performing

4. Communicate Clearly with Mutual Understanding

5. Transform Every Day into a Good or Great Day Here

6. Belong to Something Greater than Just "ME"

7. Speak and Act with Integrity

8. Keep Your Sense of Humor at All Times

9. Understand Mistakes Occur. Recover and Progress

fe·ro·cious [fuh-roh-shuhs]

1. Savagely fierce, as in a beast, person, action, or aspect
2. Extreme or intense
3. Above standard norms, beyond typical means

Ferocious Results was born out of necessity. When looking around the health and fitness industry, it became painfully clear that there was ineptitude almost everywhere. Under-educated and Under-experienced fitness professionals are dragging clients through ineffective exercises, recommending senseless (sometimes dangerous) health elixirs or supplements, and demanding unrealistic lifestyle habits. While all this is happening, America's health and quality of life continues to plummet at alarming rates.

We Must Fix This!

This deplorable state of the fitness industry is why Ferocious Results exists. My mission is to deliver programs that are "Changing Fitness; Changing Lives." By publishing premium quality information (see the "Articles" tab above) and expert level training options (see the "Training" tab above"), we strive to make health, fitness, and performance become a universal realitynot just a dream for all people. There are nine core values that I hold dear, nine core values that I use in my quest for "Changing Fitness; Changing Lives."

If you live or work in the Tri-Cities area, I encourage you to take advantage of the no-obligation, complimentary Start-up Session to see how different fitness really can be and discuss how you can be the most successful with your specific fitness goals. To schedule your Start-Up Session, email  info@FerociousResults.com or call 509-216-2711.

If you're one of my friends from afar, poke around and see if there's any information that you can gain. I want to see the entire industry improve, and the spread of knowledge will help that. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can always email.